Join Us for a Holiday Shindig Under the Twinkle Lights!

RSVP on the Facebook Event here! When you click "going" on the event AND are one of the first 25 people to show up you will get a free gift! Please join us as we enjoy a boozy cocoa bar and holiday treats!! There will be exclusive massage deals at the event and 10% off [...]

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Let’s Get Real About Something Ugly

We need to talk about massage and safety. If you haven’t already heard, Buzzfeed recently broke a story about abuse occurring in Massage Envy franchise locations. There has been a lot of conversation about the story online and in the news, which you may have seen. What you probably haven’t seen (unless you’re a part [...]

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Give Balance and Peace

Turkeys and stuffing will be filling our bellies, while laughter and joy fill our hearts. It's that wonderful time of year where trees get decorated, stockings are hung, and Christmas carols are sung. It's also that time of the year where gift certificates go on sale! This year, lighten your load and Santa's and [...]

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Balance and Peace Goes Posh

Balance and Peace loves to use not just good products on our clients, but AWESOME and WONDERFUL products on our clients. I've been searching for something that was new, natural, and fun to add to our foot and facial treatments. I've think I've found the perfect partnership with Perfectly Posh. We will be adding products [...]

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7 Ways Massage Therapists Can Earn Respect

I had no idea that a comedian's comments could lead me here, now this is the 3rd post I'm writing after his comments and then the reaction in the massage community. To catch you up, Jim Gaffigan, the comedian, made some comments about massage therapists. I wrote about them and what I thought here. Then [...]

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7 Ways to Respect Your Massage Therapist

After the comedian, Jim Gaffigan's schtick, people all over the massage community are ranting that "massage therapists deserve respect!" If you're not sure what Jim said, you can read what I wrote about it here. In a nutshell: Did he say something I love? Not really. Did he say what a lot of potential clients [...]

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