If You Can’t Take a Joke.

Over the weekend Jim Gaffigan, the comedian, made some statements about massage therapists that have many in the profession freaking out. Jim is a comedian, he makes jokes for a living, and he's pretty darn funny most of the time. I think he said things that many potential clients can relate to. If you haven't [...]

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Creating the Life I Want to Live

Balancing a business, being a massage therapist, and being a single parent is hard work. It's no joke. Every aspect needs special attention to grow. I'm finding it can be managed with structure and boundaries, so that's what I'm attempting to create. I need time with the kid, as well as time to nurture the [...]

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5 Tips for Celebrating Couples Appreciation Month

Forget Valentine’s Day, it’s April and we are celebrating National Couple Appreciation Month! Since February has become commercialized with giant red hearts filled with candy and car advertisements, we are going to take it down a notch and give you some simple tips to show your other half how much you appreciate them and how [...]

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5 Things That Make Me Love a Massage Table

Massage tables can make a massage more comfortable and relaxing. Or they can be a distraction to reaching a truly euphoric state. It’s almost like being Goldilocks and looking for what’s “just right”. One can be too firm, while another can be too soft… One that is just right? It definitely makes the massage more [...]

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Cold Stone Facial Massage and Headache Treatment

If you suffer from migraine or sinus headaches, our cold stone facial massage and headache treatment may be the relief you're looking for. Stones cooled in ice water are used to massage your face, reducing pressure and inflammation that cause your pain. The coolness of the stones are surprisingly refreshing and bring almost instant relief [...]

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Massage Cupping

"Massage Cupping" is a modality I have very limited knowledge of. It's also something that has a ton of different instructors and ways to perform the technique. Like other massage techniques, therapists always have their own unique way of performing the modality. Here's an interview I did with Kristie Davis, LMT. She obtained a National [...]

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Gift Certificate Policies

Buying gift certificates online can be scary. Especially if you are not familiar with the company. We like to be straight forward and  treat people the way we would like to be treated. We do have some policies for gift certificate purchases and redemption. People have lots of valid questions when it comes to purchasing [...]

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