What kind of place is it?2017-05-19T02:16:46+00:00

Environments of spas, clinics, and private practices vary widely.

While it is not a $3 million facility or exclusive massage establishment, Balance and Peace offers a clean, comfortable, and relaxing environment.  We are a private practice.

Our main PC location has 4 private treatment rooms and a reception area.   Each room is beautifully decorated.  The TAFB location has a single treatment room off the back hall of the Fitness Center.   All of the rooms are equipped with hot stone warmers, table warmers, comfortable blankets, and a sound system.

Usually in a spa you are provided with a robe and slippers that you change into in a locker room and then go to individual treatment rooms. These places may offer amenities such as a Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and showers as well as a lounge area.  In a clinical setting, think chiropractic office,  it can be quite the opposite, almost sterile. The massage room is about function, getting the massage done, not comfort.

Our rooms are about providing the best possible experience for you we are capable of. Our tables are heated (especially nice in the colder months) and they can be turned on or off at your request. The rooms are softly lit to provide a relaxing and tranquil environment.