Our Most Popular:

The Signature Massage
The Signature Massage An Integrated Massage
Our signature massage is the “go-to” massage for most people. You’ll discuss any particular issue or concern you have with your therapist and they’ll employ the best tools from their individual “tool box” to address your needs. No two people are alike and no two massages should be either. A variety of techniques may be employed including relaxation, deep tissue manipulation, myofascial therapy, orthopedic massage. Aromatherapy or hydrotherapy in the form of a heat pack, hot stones, or hot towels may be used.

30 min | 60 min | 75 min | 90 min

The Prenatal Massage
The Prenatal Massage For the Mom-to-Be
designed to pay special attention to the expectant mother. this is a relaxing massage that will ease some of the discomforts of pregnancy.

60 min | 75 min | 90 min

The Therapists

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The Sports Massage
The Sports MassageImprove Performance | For the Athlete
massage for the athlete designed to pay attention to the muscles used for their sport. techniques vary based on training needs. increases flexibility, prevents injury, and can improve training and performance. may be used during training, pre or post event.

30 min | 60 min | 75 min | 90 min

The Cupping Massage
The Cupping MassageImproved Function | Without the Pressure
Using silicone or polycarbonate cups, this method is lifting the tissues to greater relief instead of deep compressing. Creating a different way to relieve pain, tension, and increase mobility.

30 min | 60 min

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The Rest of Our Services:

The Headache Treatment
The Headache TreatmentGet Relief | A Quick Fix
specific techniques are used to decrease your headache symptoms. treat a current headache or for headache prevention. great for migraines, tension headaches and sinus headaches. Available alone or added to a massage.

30 min

The Sinus Treatment
The Sinus TreatmentA Cold Stone Massage
A facial massage using stones that have chilled in an ice water bath. Decrease pressure and inflammation. Special attention is paid to the facial pressure points to improve your breathing and relieve the stuffiness that can be caused by sinus pressure and headaches.

30 min

The Facial Massage
The Facial MassageRelaxation
Creating a relaxing experience with a facial massage, including a cleanser, scrub, mask, and focused facial massage.

30 min

The Packages:

Balance A 90 minute package
Combine a 60 minute integrated massage and a 30 minute facial massage. (formerly “Merry and Bright”.)

90 min

Balance and Peace
Balance and Peace
75 minute integrated massage and your choice of either 30 minute facial massage OR 30 minute foot treatment. (formerly “Merry and Brighter”.)

105 min

Balance and More Peace
Balance and More Peace
90 minute integrated massage and your choice of either a 30 minute facial massage OR a 30 minute foot treatment. (formerly “Merry and Brightest”.)

120 min