Erica Blount

Licensed Massage Therapist

Who is Erica?


In 2004, Erica returned to school to become a massage therapist and in 2005 she graduated from Haney Technical Center with her certification. Since graduating she have continued to further grow my knowledge and love for massage. She loves that there is always something new to learn about massage and that she can have a positive impact on every client’s unique needs. Her specialties include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Integrated, and Facial Massages.

Advanced training in prenatal massage, a national certification program. This program uses the most current and evidence based practices. She has attended advanced training classes in cupping and barefoot massage therapy.

When Erica is not living the mom life or working, she’s either traveling the world or planning for her next adventure. Her most recent trip took her to Africa where she experienced the trip of a lifetime.

I had my first massage here today with Erica, and she was amazing! Very attentive to my specific needs and focused directly on the area that was needed. I have a shoulder injury that’s 30 years old with my shoulder still being a little out of place and arthritis has set in. I stay in constant pain with my neck and shoulder, and suffer from migraines because of it. She applied constant direct pressure the entire massage concentrating on working out the tension and when my hour was up I did not feel “jipped” as I have with previous massage salons. I would definitely recommend her, she did a wonderful job. I left feeling a thousand times better and muscles more relaxed. Very professional in what she does and provided a very warm and relaxing atmosphere.
— Google Review
Erica is a massage genius! Her knowledge and experience are vast and she pays personal attention to her client’s needs. I hadn’t even imagined the stress relief I felt only after the first session. I look forward to the next round of healing with her!
— Google review.