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Rianne Chavez, LMT

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What people are say about me:

Rianne is amazing!!! One of the best therapists I have ever had and by far the best in this area. She is also a very nice person and I feel extremely comfortable with her. Highly recommended and I cannot wait for my next session!


Nina R.
Love love love… Rianne is Awesome. Best massage EVER


Theresa LeaScandrett
I absolutely love Rianne and the other therapists at Balance and Peace Massage. Rianne is a well educated massage therapist that incorporates various techniques to insure you get the most appropriate massage for your needs. As a fitness instructor, I rely on her to help me keep my muscles in peak condition. Whether you want a relaxing massage or need help with pain relief, the therapists at Balance and Peace can help you!


Amanda Whittington
Riann(e) was awesome !! Will definitely be back on regular basis .


Kim Marsh

Who Am I?

Rianne Chavez, LMT


I consider myself to be from the Pacific Northwest, or specifically Everett, WA.  I was actually bounced around quite a bit as a child and attended 8 different schools, some of them multiple times.  My roots however are grounded in the PNdub.  (We don’t say the full “W” where I come from.)

After the college experience, I went to work in the corporate world.  A big insurance company, where I was quickly moving up the ladder, great pay, decent benefits, and stability.  What I thought was the American dream!  I loathed it, and started hating myself.  I specifically remember this moment I was walking up an open staircase at work and looking out over the rat maze of our desks.  I wanted to cry.  Not only that, but people hated my existence as an adjuster.    After 5 years, I had enough.  I craved more from life and wanted my experiences with people to be more positive.  After doing some soul searching, my path lead to massage school.

Massage has been the perfect fit for me.  On the one hand I’m extremely nerdy, so I love the scientific nature of it.  Anatomy.  Kinesiology.  Physiology.  I devour it.  I’m also intrigued by the science meets intuition side of things.  I really don’t think one can exist without the other, so in the great massage debate of metaphysical vs. scientific, I exist in the middle.

Beyond my core training, I participated in a hospital internship and have taken additional classes in reflexology, myofascial therapy, and thai massage.  I’m also a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the Florida State Massage Association.

In 2006, I decided I was tired of being cold and wet.  I packed up my car and cat and drove across the United States to Panama City.  Shortly after my arrival, I started Balance and Peace.  I’ve been fortunate enough to grow and prosper over the years, especially given the nature of our recent economy.

I am thankful for the clients that believe in me and massage therapy.  I honestly would not exist without them!  I hope to continue letting people know that massage is for everybody.  It’s not a luxury.  It’s not for the rich.  It’s not just a fix for pain.  I’m a great massage therapist, so whether you’ve never had a massage before or are a massage pro, you won’t be disappointed giving Balance and Peace a try!

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  • Advanced training in prenatal massage, a national certification program. This program uses the most current and evidence based practices.
  • Dedicated to giving back to the community