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Massage is a choice to improve your life.
Balance and Peace is a choice for quality and value.

Are you looking to maintain a healthy body, improve your mental or emotional state, for injury recovery/prevention, or to boost your natural immunity? 

Are you are looking to escape the stresses of the everyday, alleviate that pain in your neck, or relieve headaches? Is your life leaving you with tension and stress?

You can stop living in pain and enjoy your life again. Spend an hour with us and find relief from pain, tension, and stress!

Your oasis in Panama City is waiting for you at Balance and Peace. You deserve a sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life.

When you come to Balance and Peace you are making a choice for experience, exceptional training, passion, and talent.  Choose something different in Panama City!

If this is your first massage, read about what you can expect! If you’re a massage veteran, we have a special message for you as well.

By Appointment ONLY

There is no receptionist. The door may be locked while a therapist is in session. We apologize, but cannot accommodate “walk-in” appointments.

2 locations in Bay County:

1043 Jenks Avenue | Panama City

in the Fitness Center | Tyndall Air Force Base

Prenatal Massage at Balance and Peace

Getting pregnant can be stressful. We get that.

There are way too many emotions to name that happen before, during, and after your pregnancy. Massage therapy can help ease your symptoms so you can spend more time enjoying your pregnancy journey. We have more therapists at our office with advanced training in prenatal massage than any other office in Panama City. We use a science-based education, and won’t tell you stupid wive’s tales.

Massage is safe in any trimester during a healthy pregnancy.

We are here to help you.

More information about Balance and Peace if you’re still deciding if this could be the right place for you.
Still wondering what massage can do for you? Check out some of the benefits of massage.
Why we promise an hour is always 60 minutes.
You may find a cheaper place, but you won’t find more value. Here’s why.
Panama City | 1043 Jenks Avenue
Tyndall AFB | in the Fitness Center
Massage warms any heart. Gifts are available online, and immediately available for printing or email!

What your massage may look like.

You can check out a quick peek of the Tyndall Air Force Base room!
A quick peek at what a massage for your neck may look like!

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