A place to unwind.

At the core of our success from the beginning has been the referrals and support from our current clients.

Many of our clients have been with Balance and Peace from the very beginning!  We love that.


Rianne Chavez founded Balance and Peace in 2007 to create a place that was nourishing for both the client and the therapist. After Hurricane Michael in October 2018, Rianne moved and in 2019 sold Balance and Peace to Christina Anderson.

When Rianne first moved here, it was a struggle to find a place where she fit in. Too many establishments were concerned about the bottom line with no focus on the client or therapist experience. Therapists were expected to work back to back appointments, 50 minute services, and/or 6-7 appointments in a day.  She didn't struggle in these situations because she is lazy or didn't want to work, what she found lacking was the opportunity to connect and build relationships with her clients.  There was very little time to even check in with them at the beginning of the appointment to find out what their needs were.  It also created an environment that did not foster camaraderie between therapists.  Rianne liked happy and comfortable places to work.

Clients were hustled in and out, not getting the best service that they deserved and were paying for!

When therapists were stressed out by their schedules, clients would be short-changed on their appointments just so the therapist could grab a drink of water and use the restroom.  Other places didn't have blankets for their tables.  Another only catered to clients that were worthy by the owner and other people felt unwelcome and even *less than* when they came into the beautiful spa.  The whole thing was t.o.x.i.c. After spending several months in those soul sucking environments, Rianne knew she wanted to create something better so she went out on my own.  After making sacrifices for years to keep my dream alive, Balance and Peace is now strong and thriving!

If you are looking for something different in Panama City, Balance and Peace will not be a disappointment!  We love our clients and provide the best service that we can every single time.

Environments of spas, clinics, and private practices vary widely. While it is not a $3 million facility or exclusive massage establishment, Balance and Peace offers a clean, comfortable, and relaxing environment. We are a private practice. Our location has 3 private treatment rooms and a reception area. Each room is thoughtfully decorated to create a perfect space to provide you with a break. All of the rooms are equipped with hot stone warmers, table warmers, comfortable blankets, and a sound system. Our tables can be heated (especially nice in the colder months) at your request. The rooms are softly lit to provide a relaxing and tranquil environment. Our rooms are about providing the best possible experience for you we are capable of.