MASSAGE for people that need a break. 

Life is full of stress. Balance and Peace provides a place for you to take a break with massage and improve your mental health. 

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Find your Balance and Peace

Massage is a choice to improve your mental health and feel better physically.

Is life leaving you feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or anxious?
Are you suffering from physical pain because life is stressful?
Do you want to maintain a healthy mental and emotional balance and to feel better as a result?

Why do you need Balance and Peace?

Escape the stresses of everyday. You can stop living with the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Enjoy your life again with the help of massage therapy. You deserve a mental break for balance and peace. Use massage therapy as your self-care tool for better mental health and feel better physically.

If this is your first massage, read about what you can expect! If you’re a massage veteran, we have a special message for you as well.

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An Hour is Always 60 Minutes

We think it’s an important promise, here’s why.

Why It Matters.

Massage, Depression, and Anxiety

Read why we believe massage is important for mental health.

Why Massage Helps

Value and a Great Massage

You deserve the best. Find out about the value you receive while you take a break.

Value > Cheap


Balance and Peace is collaboration of independent massage therapists that love what we do and where we do it.

We function on copious amounts of caffeine daily. We massage like bosses, drive SUVs, and spend countless hours doing laundry.
You won’t find a better group of passionate or talented therapists around. You won’t ever feel “stuck” with a therapist that doesn’t work for you, we will always refer you a different therapist if there is better match for you.

Find out more about the individuals that make up this team of massage therapists.

Rianne I. Chavez
Rianne I. ChavezBoss Lady | Manager
Not accepting clients currently.
Sara Tran
Sara TranPampering Specialist
Erica Blount
Erica Blount
Christina Anderson
Christina Anderson