Your own private haven.

We have worked hard to create an oasis in the middle of Panama City.


What kind of place is Balance and Peace?

Environments of spas, clinics, and private practices vary widely.

While it is not a $3 million facility or exclusive massage establishment, Balance and Peace offers a clean, comfortable, and relaxing environment. We are a private practice.

We have 3 private treatment rooms and a reception area. Each room is thoughtfully decorated to create a perfect space to provide you with a break.



Our rooms are about providing the best possible experience for you we are capable of.

Individual music options. The music isn’t “piped” into your massage room at Balance and Peace so you and the therapist have full control over what you listen to and the volume.

Heated tables pads with memory foam for comfort. We like to make the tables as comfortable and cozy as possible.

Heat packs. There’s no extra charge for us to throw a heated Mother Earth pack under your neck, shoulders, or on your low back.

Hot stone warmers.

The rooms are softly lit to provide a relaxing and tranquil environment.