3 words for 2018


Today is "Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day". I ditched New Year's resolutions a few years ago and instead went with an exercise to choose 3 words. The idea is that 3 words are more concise and easier to focus on to make real changes in the new year.I've written about them in the past and I love this task.

This year my words are: Me, Intentional, and Happy.

Me.Some days I feel really beat up trying to do all of the things for all of the people. If you have kids, family, coworkers, a business, clients, or friends, I'm sure you can relate to this. I don't always have the best boundaries because I really want everyone to just be happy and have their needs fulfilled to the best of my ability. The poor boundaries means I don't always make the best choices for my interests.This year, I want that to change. I want to embrace the idea that putting my needs first isn't being selfish or self-centered, it's self-care and preservation. I want to fill my cup first and then fill others. I still want others to be happy and have their needs met, but not at the cost of my own.Self-care will be a priority and not something I put off until I'm feeling crazy and overwhelmed with stress. I want to be myself instead of trying to live up to the images that others have of me.Intentional. Most of my life has been a series of events that has happened to me and I adjusted and in some cases persevered. I want to start making intentional choices for what I want to have happen. I still think it's important to "go with the flow" and have flexibility, but I want to become more active in making choices that are based on what I really want and that help me meet the goals that I have for my life.Happy. In some ways I feel like this is a silly word. It's subjective and doesn't have a concrete meaning. Saying that though, I'm hoping that my first two words support this quest. I want to embrace the things that make me happy and fill my soul. (I sound so cheesy, but I'm OK with that.) If stopping at the beach on the way home brings me joy I'm going to make more stops. If keeping things organized and tidy helps my mood, I'm going to work on finding time to tidy up.It's a couple of weeks into the new year. Are you going to give up on your New Year's resolutions? Have you set any goals for the year?