Are you looking for an experience or results?

Recently the question was asked: “Are you more of a result-based or experience-based business?”  I had never thought of my Balance and Peace in this manner before! It’s a brilliant question.   It also made me think of massage and a massage business in a whole new way.  It’s so simple, it’s silly.While I feel that every massage is an experience.  It’s not tangible.  You don’t take it home and plug it into some machine for some entertainment.  It’s not consumable.  Balance and Peace simply does not offer the traditional spa experience.   We have no sauna.  No whirlpool.  No lounge where you can lay about for the day in a luxurious robe.  Nope.  Not at all.  We might offer a body treatment as a monthly special.  Or offer a facial massage add-on to your treatment.  We don’t offer “the experience”.Balance and Peace for the most part is a result-based massage practice.  We are the answer to these kinds of questions:~ Where can I go to relax?~ Where can I go to treat my tendinitis?~ Where can I go to alleviate my headache?~ Where can I go add massage into my prenatal care?~ Where can I go to relieve my back, neck, or shoulder pain? I’m sure you get the point.  We offer solutions to your problems.  We provide a way out of pain and stress.  The result we provide may be, among other things:~ Less pain~ An easier pregnancy~ No more headaches during your week~ An increase in your range of motion~ Decrease in stress~ RelaxationMore time to spend fishing, gardening, the boggin, enjoying your family or enjoying the island! We are looking for ways to make a more fulfilling life for yourself by living without nagging issues.  We do that for you by providing a solution to the imbalances in your body, whether they are physical, mental, or emotional.If you would like the experience of a result-based massage, give Balance and Peace Massage Therapy a try!