Don't be fearful of massage giving

We are born with the need to be touched.  When a child is crying, our instinct is to soothe the child by holding them, hugging them, maybe stroking their head or back.  So why do we lose this instinct in our relationships?Touch has the ability to connect us in relationships.  For some reason, we allow fear, intimidation, or a lack of knowledge to limit how we touch each other.Massaging our partners, children, siblings, or parents should be something that can be done in a healthful and meaningful way.  Anybody can give a massage.  While a relaxing or soothing massage given by a partner may not have the same intent as a massage given by a professional, there is still healing in touch.Giving your partner a soothing massage does not need to be about sex.  While humans are sexual creatures, not all touch should be sexual in nature.  In fact it’s just as important to teach and have healthy non sexual touch in our lives, and very important to teach children the difference.   One of the biggest complaints I hear from women, is that when they ask for a shoulder, or neck massage their partner EXPECT sex in return.  Remove this connection!Here are a couple of tips for giving your partner a massage:Give without expectation.Don’t forget to breathe.  Both when giving and receiving massage.Communicate (if it hurts speak up respectfully, if it feels good, let your partner know as well)Focus on your partner.  Let other distractions go!Start with broad areas work then work to specific areas.Apply pressure within your partner’s comfort.Even if your hands get tired, there are other ways to apply touch.  Forearms, feet, and gentle rocking are some examples.Still apprehensive about giving a massage to your loved one?Check out our informational “Couple’s Massage Class”.  During the 2 hour class there will be a demonstration on how to give an upper body massage, with concepts taught that can be applied to the lower body as well.  Learn basic massage strokes, areas to be cautious of and some reasons to not give a massage.On Tyndall Air Force Base, the class will be Saturday, February 9th at 4pm at the Fitness Center.In town, a class will be Saturday, February 16th at 5pm at Siren Fitness in the Lincoln Center on 15th Street.Classes are limited in size so be sure to reserve your space ASAP!