Frequency or Balance

I'm often asked "How often should I get massage?" As a massage therapist, people expect me to have the perfect answer.  I don't.  I also know that I will upset some massage therapists when I express this thought to you:It depends.  There is no equation that works for everyone.Yes, I said it. (Although this statement is made outside the consideration of any injury or rehabilitation scenario.)   I’ve personally heard all sorts of plans.  You have to get a massage once a week or it does no good.  Or every two weeks, or once a month, or twice a month unless there is a blue moon, then you should have 3 massages that month.  (I’m exaggerating with that last one.)  We all have different lives.  Our minds and bodies react to our daily lives in different ways.  So why apply a “one size fits all” routine to massage?     From a financial stand point, I realize I could maximize my profits by selling you a massage every 2 weeks for the rest of your life.  But, that's just not me.  I know, CRAZY, right?Here are some of my thoughts on it:

  • The health benefits of massage are proven.
  • Massage works best when part of your regular wellness routine.
  • The frequency of your massages should be what works best for YOU.

Considerations to take into account when determining your regimen:

  • Listen to your body.  How long can you go without feeling pain/tension/stress?
  • Be aware of your mental/emotional status between massages.
  • What else is part of your wellness routine?  Yoga? Meditation? Chiropractic care? Acupuncture?
  • What can you afford?  (Spending your time on my table being stressed about spending the money does not benefit you.  Your massage should be positive, about letting go and releasing your pain/tension.)

In a perfect world, getting a massage once a month is great, use that as a guideline.  Be aware of your needs and finding the balance that works for YOU.  I have clients that can’t go that 4th week in month the mental, physical or emotional stress is too much, they choose every 3 weeks.  I have other clients that feel great for 6 weeks.  While others find the perfect balance is every 2 weeks.Also, play around with the length of your massage.  That 4th week may be a killer for you, but you can’t afford two massages a month:  Try a 90 minute massage instead of 60 minutes, or two 30 minute massages a month instead.The important thing is that massage becomes a regular part of your routine.Don’t wait to “reward” yourself.  (You wouldn’t put off taking an aspirin until you feel you deserve it)Communicate with your massage therapist to determine the best program for you.Take ownership of your health and wellness and you will be on the path finding your own balance and peace.