Licensed Massage Therapists Only

Or otherwise titled: "Discerning Clients Beware"I get really worked up over massage establishment owners that ignore rules put in place to protect people. When people make their own choices for their safety it’s one thing. If you don’t wear a seatbelt the only person you can hurt is yourself. When an owner of spa has someone not licensed in massage perform your massage there are dangers, and you may not even know it is happening. It’s a decision that places money before quality, trust, and safety.

In Florida, standards have been established in education and competency to ensure that your massage is performed in an effective and safe way. Once a massage therapist has their license, they are also required to gain additional education to maintain their license. As more research is done, more information is gathered. With a properly trained massage therapist, there is little danger in receiving a massage. You shouldn’t and are not paying money for someone to just rub you.

When you make an appointment at an establishment that advertises massage therapy I believe you trust that the establishment only hires licensed therapists. Unfortunately, some spa and establishment owners are more concerned about earning that dollar than hiring qualified people. It’s a despicable trait and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Some people just don’t see what the big deal is… after all doesn’t a massage therapist just rub some oil on people? If it’s just to relax, there’s no harm right? WRONG. Licensed massage therapists not only know how to properly give a massage to not cause harm, they also know when the massage itself can cause more harm than good. Are the stones too hot? You could end up burned and permanently scarred. That neck pain could be made worse if proper protocol isn’t used.

When you are looking for a new therapist or just a treat while on vacation, do not be afraid to ask if the therapist is licensed. When you arrive at the establishment, the massage license should be displayed and a picture of the massage therapist should be attached to the license. Take a close look and read the fine print, our name is printed on it as well. Discerning customers should pay attention to the details for their own safety and to make sure they are getting what they are actually paying for.