Loving Orthopedic Massage

In the past month or so, I spent two weekends out of town attending continuing education classes.  Both classes were for Orthopedic Massage with James Waslaski, and from the first moment I feel in love with the modality.  For me it was combining the techniques I already love and use in a specific way.  Orthopedic Massage was logical for me, but it is also a technique that has evolved with the research and new information that is available.Reasons I'm raving about Orthopedic Massage: ~ It’s an interdisciplinary way of looking at and resolving structural issues.  Which is to say, I didn’t spend 4 days listening to someone telling me that they have the *best* and *only* way of doing things.  Orthopedic massage uses Active Isolated Stretching, Myofascial Therapy, and a specific protocol for joint capsule work.  While it doesn’t use the typical “trigger point therapy”, the techniques used resolve tender and trigger points.~ It addresses muscular imbalances in the body and the dysfunction it creates on joints that lead to pain, tension, tendonosis, and injury.~ It’s a pain-free approach to massage therapy.  Yes, I said pain-free! It’s about finesse and is a less is more approach.  Something I have tried to embrace over the years.  I simply can’t find evidence to support the “no pain no gain” mentality in the approach to massage.~ It uses a specific 12-step protocol that includes assessments, massage therapy, stretches and exercises.~ It is a proven treatment for conditions such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, runner’s knee, and many other dysfunctions.Orthopedic massage is different from a typical massage in a few ways: ~ It’s not a massage where you can check out and just relax.  It requires active participation.~ There are assessments performed to understand exactly what structures are involved in your dysfunction.  Things like “runner’s knee” or “tendonitis” are vague terms that don’t tell me exactly where and what to work.~ The massage is best performed with sports attire on.  For men, shorts are fine.  For women, a tank top or sports bra and shorts are best.  There is a lot of movement during the massage.~ It is not meant to be a “full-body” massage.  If you choose this treatment, I will balance your core and work on the joint that is causing you problems.If you are suffering from neck strains, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, hip pain, knee pain, or ankle pain, orthopedic massage may be an answer!Until the end of March, try an Orthopedic Massage with Rianne for $45.  Schedule your appointment online or call Rianne at 850-867-3795 today to make sure you get your ideal time!