Massage as a Piece of Prenatal Care

Your body has created life and now it must work to grow that life and prepare your body for childbirth.  It’s a time of miracles and yet it often feels like your body is betraying you.  Aches and pains, morning sickness, swollen joints, carpal tunnel, and mood swings…(Who could have guessed there could be something at least as bad as puberty, if not worse?)Pregnancy massage is a great tool to add to your prenatal care.  Several websites, including and will all tell you how great massage is during pregnancy.  You may have your own favorite website that you go to while pregnant, do a search on massage and see what you find.Just a few of those benefits are: ~  It will help regulate hormones~  Relieves stress on weight bearing joints~  Alleviate sciatica~  Improves skin elasticity~  Reduces postpartum stress~  Promotes relaxation and deep breathing~  Reduces swelling in hands and feet~  Helps with prevention of varicose veins~  Reduces fatigue~  Improved sleep~  It may help make labor and delivery shorter and easierMassage is generally safe throughout the duration of your pregnancy, although some situations may require extra attention or make massage unsafe.  It is important to speak with your health practitioner and to keep your massage therapist well informed of any complications.  Old massage theory felt massage should only be provided in the second and third trimesters, however there is no evidence to support this.  Old, old massage theory said massage was contraindicated for any pregnant woman.  It’s rubbish.  In fact, many women have massage before realizing they are pregnant!  Unfortunately, there are some parts of our industry that still hold on to this outdated belief.  It may be because miscarriages are most common in the first trimester, so to protect from litigation, just don't do it. Massage is evolving and there are constantly new studies being done on its effects, if there is new scientific evidence that comes up, I will reevaluate my policy.  If in doubt, again, talk to your health practitioner.Special considerations during the massage are taken for your comfort and safety.  Additional pillows will be used to support your body during the massage and you will have the majority of your massage in the side-lying position.   Typically the massage is Swedish based with a concentration on relaxation.  Communication with your massage therapist is of the utmost importance during your pregnancy, please be open and honest about any and all complications and symptoms you are experiencing.  We are not trying to be nosey; we just need to keep the safety of you and mini-you in mind.Post #13 of 20 in the February Challenge, check it out!