Massage For G-Neck

Just when I think I have a grasp on the body, movement and how imbalance affects it, I have a client that gives me something to think about.  What happens when G Force is applied to the body? And while that force is applied to your body, you need to keep moving your head?  I’ve already pointed out I’m kind of nerdy, so of course these thoughts lead me to research it.I’m honored to have an office on Tyndall Air Force Base, offering massage services to support the mission of Tyndall.  For the most part, I don’t know or begin to understand exactly what happens at Tyndall. I’m fine with that.  I know there are training programs, research, and pilots.Image you are bowling with a ten pound ball.  You are an elite bowler, and able to make strike after strike. (Forgive me I’m not a bowler…)  Now imagine your ball is suddenly 90-100 pounds, but you are still expected to make your strikes every time.  While this is a poor analogy, I think it’s something that most people can relate to.  Gravitational force impacts the body in a similar fashion.High Performance Combat Pilots. 

The ball I am referring to is their head.  The "strikes" would be the ability to turn their head in an efficient and concise manner to complete their mission.  All while twisting and turning their bodies against unbelievable forces.“G neck” occurs as a result of the strain on the muscles of the neck.  While there are 20 pairs of muscles in the neck, the sternocleidomastoid muscle or SCM is under a tremendous amount of stress.  The SCM is a pair of muscles on the anterior side of your neck.  This muscle is responsible for flexion, extension, rotation, and laterally flexes your head.  If your head is moving, your SCM is working.  Under G force, it is working hard and may be near it's maximum load before mechanical failure.  (My apologies, I read so many articles and now I can't find the specific reference to a cadaver study on the SCM.)How massage can help:~ Restore balance between the anterior/posterior and the left/right.~ Reduce adhesions and restrictions as a result of muscle tears.~ Increase flexibility.~ Maintain and increase range of motion.~ Maintain overall health and wellness of the muscle tissue.~ Reduce pain.Massage won’t change your work environment.  That’s not possible.  It can help to maintain your career with the least amount of pain and injury possible.   Massage is most beneficial when it is part of a wellness routine.  Don’t wait for an injury to occur before trying massage.While we have services available in the Fitness Center on Tyndall Air Force Base, we are NOT part of Medical.   Balance and Peace also has a second office on Airport Road, near downtown Panama City.references used for this post: