New Pricing at Balance and Peace


No more confusion. One price. Any massage.

The industry norm in this area is to have different prices based on the different type of massage that you decide to get. I followed along when I opened my own place. It’s never really felt “right” to me. It’s messy. It’s confusing. There’s tons of reasons to support this practice. There’s another camp that simply believes our time is worth “x amount” based on our experience and training.

There’s confusion about what a “deep tissue” massage is.

It’s a term that should refer to manipulating the deeper tissues of your body. It has NOTHING to do with the amount of pressure exerted on your body. A more in depth description of deep tissue massage can be found here.

It became apparent that it simply caused confusion. Confusion led to phone calls and I’m sure many abandoning choosing Balance and Peace. The phone calls led to more work. I’m tired of confusion. I’m tired of fielding phone calls because of it. There’s tons of other things I’d rather be doing.

It has created situations where people always wanted to push boundaries.

Maybe they didn’t want to disclose they were pregnant until the last possible moment to get a discount. Or maybe a client really needed a deep tissue massage but they wanted to pay a lower price. That gets AWKWARD for the therapist that is trying to please the client but doesn’t want to get into a money discussion.So there it is. One price. Any massage at Balance and Peace.

We are still offering our awesome prepaid Series options and they can still be purchased online.

Buy 2 massages, save $15.
Buy 4 massages, save $35.
Buy 8 massages, save $80.
Buy 12 massages, save $150.

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