Creating the Life I Want to Live

Balancing a business, being a massage therapist, and being a single parent is hard work. It's no joke. Every aspect needs special attention to grow. I'm finding it can be managed with structure and boundaries, so that's what I'm attempting to create. I need time with the kid, as well as time to nurture the business, and have time to massage clients. Plus, I just need time for self care. I wouldn't be a very effective massage therapist, mother, or business owner if I didn't take care of myself!

Here's the deal:

Rianne will be available at the Panama City location on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and every other Friday. (She will be taking every 4th Sunday off.)

Rianne will be a the Tyndall location on Thursday mornings.

If you want an appointment with her, priority will be given to existing clients, and those that have standing appointments. As my time for massage will be limited, the cancelation policy will be strictly enforced.

At this time, please text or email her for a massage appointment. Her phone number is on her business card, or you can always reach her at rianne @ balanceandpeace (dot) com. <--- type this typical email format, I just don't need a ton of spam to arrive in my inbox.

As always, my heart is full of gratitude for my clients. Your loyalty and support have made it possible that I can try to balance the best of all worlds while I raise my daughter, business, and maintain my personal sanity. Thank you so much. You are loved for that and very much appreciated! Every. Single. Day.

It should be noted this particular blog was extremely difficult to write. It felt selfish and like I was being dismissive of clients I love. I had to do it though. Establishing boundaries is challenging, and uncomfortable, but it's healthy. Don't be afraid to do it for yourself! Or if you have, good for you!!!