Turning it Around

I’ve been mulling around an idea for a blog post for weeks.  The inspiration came from some inspirational post in Facebook.  I don’t remember who posted it.  It was attributed to Einstein and essentially discussed the power of positive thinking and everything being made up of energy.  Beautiful I thought because I’m not smart enough to argue with Einstein…But in trying to find the full quotation to use I discovered it was misattributed to Einstein.  Proof yet again that just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it true.  I’ve now spent quite a bit of time on the physics forum.  Entertaining stuff!

None of this should distract from the original message I wanted to convey.  Which is simply this:  Your mind/thoughts and your body are connected.

Reverse the statement and think about it.  Your body and your mind/thoughts are connected.  When you leave your massage appointment your body is feeling great.  You are more flexible, increased range of motion and less stress and pain in your body.  Most people are borderline giddy leaving my office.  Some people describe it as feeling intoxicated but they are mostly experiencing positive feelings.  There is more pep in their step.  They walk taller and just have an amazing overall presence about them!  (Side note:  I love seeing this transformation in people)

So, when you let your thoughts remain negative you will start to experience more problems physically.  Don’t let the negative in your life overwhelm your life!  Get the most out of your massage and let the negative go.  Don’t focus on the pain and tension.  Focus on how great it feels to release the tension.  Release the pain.