Undress for a Successful Massage

For most people it’s not a question that a massage is awesome! But what about some of those awkward questions? One question people fidget around is CLOTHING! Do I take my clothes off? Do I leave my underwear on? Is it ok to go naked? The answer to all is, YES. It all really depends on what kind of massage you are going for and your own personal comfort level. If you are coming in for a relaxing massage being naked may help you feel free to relax more easily but again your comfort level may have you more relaxed with your underwear on. Either way is perfectly acceptable. Your modesty will be kept with the draping.  The only areas of the body that are exposed are the areas the therapist is working on.   If you are coming in for a sports massage that will include a lot of stretching and other assisted movements, wearing your underwear may help you feel more secure. There are also times leaving articles of clothing on maybe preferred.  A therapist will not work on non-exposed areas of the body. If your feet are ticklish you can leave socks on or a shirt, because of a sunburn, and your therapist will know to avoid that area.   Regardless of your clothing preference and the type of massage you are coming in for you can rest assure your modesty is always kept by your therapist.

I hope this answered any questions you may have had and you are now ready to book your massage just click this link.