Where an Hour is Always 60 Minutes

I read a lot about marketing and ways to improve my business.  One thing that keeps coming up is operating on the 50 minute massage hour model.  Apparently, I could be increasing my profit by 20% just by making this one small change.  A 20% raise sounds awesome, but I won’t do it.The 50 minute massage model works like this:  Massages are scheduled every hour throughout the day for the therapist.  The customer’s appointment is 60 minutes, the massage is 50 minutes, with the other 10 minutes being time allocated for the client to undress, dress, and confer with the therapist.Some things I just hate, and the 50 minute massage hour is one of them.  I have worked in the 50 minute environment.  It is not an environment that I resonate with.  It is also not an environment that I feel my clients get the most value for their money.

  • I simply don’t like working in the 50 minute massage hour environment. I feel rushed, like I need to watch the clock. My focus is diverted from you and what is going on with your body to the clock. That is not the client-focused experience I’m trying to achieve.

  • I have always said I don’t want to run my business like a business I would not want to work for. I’m a little stubborn that way.

  • The 60 minute appointment on the hour does not actually give the client 60 minutes with the therapist, although that is what the argument is. The therapist is expected to clean the room for the next client, use the rest room, and do anything else they need before starting the next appointment.

  • I was always told that it takes a body approximately 45 minutes to completely relax. (I can’t find an actual study or reference to support this argument, but it has been true in my experience.) When your appointment is only 50 minutes, you have just gotten into the “zen zone”. That extra 10 minutes does matter, in my opinion.

I may not be the best business person, but I am an awesome massage therapist for a lot of people.At Balance and Peace, we truly want to meet our client’s needs, and the 5o minute massage just doesn’t foster that for us.This is my promise to you… at Balance and Peace Massage Therapy an hour is always 6o minutes*!*As long as you show up ready for your appointment to begin on time.This post is part of the 31 in August Blogging Challenge.  #8 of 31.  If the numbers don't add up, I have posted some things on another blog!