Why get a professional massage? Why not just let your loved one give you a back rub. I was once told: "I'm not going to pay for massage, that's why I got married." The vibrating chair when you get your pedicure is good enough isn't it? Why get a massage at all?

This simplest answer is this: massage works. Studies show that regular massage is great for chronic pain, inflammation, mood, and anxiety. Similar to an exercise regimen, massage has many subtle - and not so subtle - wellness benefits. If you've got a body and a nervous system, and you do, massage therapy is beneficial to both.

Why can't a trade with a loved one be just as good? Touch is very valuable and go ahead, exchange those massages. It's important to give and receive meaningful contact. It's actually beneficial to both parties. Massage makes the world a happier, healthier place.However, most people don't know what to do to give a massage that lasts more than 5 or 10 minutes. A layperson doesn't know how to use their bodies instead of their fingers and hands to work smarter, not harder. Research also shows that massages that are at least 60 minutes are the most effective, and that the most positive and lasting results come from receiving massage regularly.

That's where the pro comes in. We know how to use our hands, elbows, or fists, in ways that are effective, effortless, and feel good. A professional knows how to prioritize their time, or that the area that is in pain may not be the source of the pain. If you have neck pain, we know to be more thorough of not only your neck, but your chest, shoulder, and upper back muscles. A professional works with a little more finesse than a layperson would.

It's also nice to know that once you receive your much needed massage, you can pay your professional therapist and be on your way. There is no lingering issue of reciprocating the massage. Nothing more is owed to your therapist.

I'm all for any type of massage you can get. Whether it's a self massage, sitting in one of those vibrating chairs, or doing exchanges with friends or family. It's all beneficial!