5 Things That Make Me Love a Massage Table


Massage tables can make a massage more comfortable and relaxing.

Or they can be a distraction to reaching a truly euphoric state. It’s almost like being Goldilocks and looking for what’s “just right”. One can be too firm, while another can be too soft… One that is just right? It definitely makes the massage more wonderful! You could have the best massage therapist, but if you're uncomfortable just laying there, the massage won't be as beneficial.One would think that massage tables are fairly standard, and in many ways, that is true. There are things that a therapist or massage establishment can do to make sure there are no distractions caused by the table during your massage. Here’s a few of the things that I have found that have made my experiences more enjoyable overall.

ONE: A super comfy face cradle cushion.

During a massage, usually a good portion of the time is spent face down in the face cushion. A massage is much more enjoyable, when that cushion is comfortable and actually does what it’s name implies and “cradle” your face.

~ Balance and Peace has upgraded every face cradle cushion. After a lot of research and trial and errors, we have found what we find to be the best cushion available! It has a wide opening so there is no feeling of being suffocated. It’s made with a combination of premium foam and “water filled spheres”. Only the best for our clients!

TWO: A table that is soft enough to be comfortable, but firm enough to be supportive.

Crawling onto a massage table while the therapist is out of the room and sinking in just enough to feel supported and cozy and the relaxation begins almost immediately, before the massage therapist ever actually puts a hand on the body!

~ We have an extra layer of memory foam added to our tables along with plush pads.

THREE: A supportive cushion for under my ankles and knees.

There are so many varieties of cushions and pillow combinations. Taking the time to make sure my body is supported during the massage makes getting a massage effortless. I don't have to worry about any unnecessary tension being placed on my low back, or my feet becoming cramped because they are long and my toes are being pushed into the table. 

FOUR: Just the right temperature.

There’s a nice balance between the temperature of the room and the temperature of the table. The room itself can’t be so cold that getting undressed and then redressed is uncomfortable. It’s awkward standing almost naked and freezing. It’s truly awful when you go from frigid air to COLD massage sheets. While you know your body heat will eventually warm up the table, there are still a few minutes where it’s not so relaxing! The massage table cannot be so hot though that it feels like the therapist is trying to cook me. 

~ Every single table has a table warmer on it. Most of our  tables actually have plush, fleece table warmers, so it adds comfort and warmth! If you are too warm or not warm enough, just let your therapist know. They will be make it just right for you.

FIVE: The perfect blanket.

A blanket that is heavy enough that it feels like there’s some substance, but not so heavy that I felt suffocated. The blanket also needs to be long enough. I hate getting into an epic battle with a blanket over covering my feet or my chest. It feels like the blanket always wins!

~ Balance and Peace has a variety of blankets to offer you. If you don’t feel like what you have is that perfect combination for you, ask your therapist for another blanket. Or we can always take the blanket off it’s one just isn’t your thing.


We want to not only provide a great massage at Balance and Peace, but create an environment that is free from distractions so you can let your mind drift away and relax.

We've taken care and thought in hand-picking what we put on our massage tables and how they will make our clients experience more comfortable. What things on a massage table have made a massage extraordinary for you?