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Most people don’t know how awesome massage is.

Yep, it’s true. Most people don’t know how awesome massage is. According to the 2016 survey by the American Massage Therapy Association, only 19% of adults get massage at least once a year. That’s it. That’s not even 1 in 5 people you know. Four out of every five people you know just walk around experiencing tension, stress, and aches when they don’t have to.There are tons of reasons people don’t get massage. Some people honestly just don’t know. Other people see massage in the movies and they may be scared about what will really happen on the massage table. Others might think of it as just a luxury and not a necessity.

They don’t know that massage can improve sleep, reduce tension, stress, anxiety.

They don’t have any idea that massage can ease the symptoms of depression and the aches, pains, and mental exhaustion of pregnancy. They have no idea that massage is a proven method to relieve back pain and headaches!I can post links to research and studies showing the benefits, but most of my audiences already know about and love massage.That’s where you can help! You know how great massage is and you can spread the word about it.

Let people know that you get massage and it works for you.

Explain to them that massage does not have to hurt, no one is going to beat them up!Tell your friends how comfy and cozy the massage table is and that more than a towel is used to cover up their bodies. It’s also ok to leave on their clothes or any layer of clothing they want.

Share with them how massage can be a total attitude adjustment.

Explain to them that the massage therapist will leave the room while they get undressed (or don’t), that they’ll have privacy.If you’re comfortable, share with them how you budget and prioritize for massage therapy.And while you’re at it, let them know your favorite place to get a massage! Talk to your massage therapist, they may also offer a referral incentive when you refer a client to them. (It may be for you, your friend, or both, but it’s worth asking about.)Friends tell friends about massage therapy.