Change of Perspective

Over the weekend I found myself at a local Renaissance fair. I have never been to one before and wanted to check it out.  It was great by the way and will be returning next year.   In the back they had a relaxation hut.  It had AC and was filled with crystals, chakra charts, dem lighting and had ladies preforming card reading, Reiki massage and the Tibetan singing bowls.  It was a little over whelming at first.  It was very odd but very intriguing.   I had to watch and take in all the grace the art form had to offer. 

To those not familiar what Reiki and the singing bowls are, they are forms of energy-based healing work.  Reiki is a form of massage therapy commonly referred to as energy healing.  The belief is that there is a transfer of energy from the therapist’s palms to their patient.  The healing energy targets the energy fields around the body.  Tibetan singing bowls are a type of bell that vibrates and produces a deep tone when played.  They  can be used during meditation or alongside yoga and massage to promote relaxation and healing.  The vibrations produced by the bowls are believed to balance the body’s energy system, change brain waves and stimulate the immune system. 

It was all very interesting to watch and to hear people’s reaction to the practices.  Listening to where and how they could feel this energy.  I most times find Reiki and the bowls a little hard to rationalize.  The practice just seems hard to believe.   I do believe the body has an energy flow.  How else would our nervous system work.  But after watching it firsthand I have found a new appreciation of the art.  It was very graceful and beautiful, and people seemed to be helped by this spiritual connection. 

I was once closed minded to something that I only read the definition of but after my experience in the relaxation hut I am a little more open minded to the two arts.  I am definitely planning on studying more on these two arts and will be looking for somewhere to give it a try.  Who knew that trying something new would be so eye opening? 


Christina Anderson