Don't Forget the "Back" in Backpack

This week, children across our county went back to school.  While some parents rejoiced, others were faced with the realization that their little ones really are growing up.  Fast.While I'm not a parent myself, I have had a lot of experience with children.  I even massage children.   My youngest client was only hours old, but that's a whole different story!Kids are little humans, so it's important to remember that they can have the same issues that adults have.  Children have stress, just like we do, in a variety of forms.  Physical, mental and emotional.   It's important to provide your mini mes with tools to become healthy, well-rounded adults.  Adults that have balance in their life and the skills to cope with life as adults.Physical issues that may impact your child's life may be the sports they play, their backpacks and even the use of personal electronic devices.   Sports and physical activity can be hard on a body.  While youngsters are more resilient, they are just as susceptible to over-use injury and strains.  Incorporating massage into their training can help keep them at the peak of their performance and give them the longevity in their sport.  If your child has hopes of a college career, it's even more important to give them a balanced routine and training program to prevent injury that could limit or eliminate their ability to play their sport.When was the last time you picked up your child’s backpack?  Especially once they hit middle school, it can weigh a lot,  stuffed full of school necessities and personal treasures.  Most kids I know sling it over a shoulder and they are off to tackle the day.  Have you ever noticed how the backpack instantly changes their posture?  Poor body mechanics leads to other issues.  Some of these problems if not addressed early can lead to other long term problems. Help your child now so they don’t have back and shoulder problems when they are in their 30’s and 40’s.   Check out this great information on children and backpacks!  (Side note: Anatomy in Motion is AWESOME! Check it out!)“Text Neck” is the new carpal tunnel.  We are in the technology age.  Like it or not, and our children are embracing it.  Be aware of the posture your children, and you,  have while using these devices.   In adults this can cause pain, muscle imbalances and other issues.  In children the effects can be further reaching.  Young bodies are still developing.  So when children slouch over, neck forward, they will develop into adults with that neck structure.  Make sure your children have “good posture” while texting, limiting daily use and exercising.  Here is some information on preventative exercises.So the next time little Bobby is telling you “my back hurts”.  Don’t brush it off.  Take steps to correct and prevent the problem.   Don’t forget that children can benefit from massage as well.  I’ve massaged children of all ages, for a variety of issues.   They typically don’t need it as often from a professional.  Bring massage into your home, a quick back rub while tucking your child in bed at night.  Let them know that healthful living is not just for mommy and daddy or a “grown-up” thing.