I May Be a Massage Hussy and That's OK

I love massage.  I try to do some sort of self-care about once a week.  Usually, it breaks down to three times a month.  If I’m going to be an advocate for the importance of massage as part of our healthcare, I need to practice what I preach.  It also keeps me fresh and focused on why I love massage so much!I don’t rely on just one massage therapist though.  Maybe I am finicky, or just realistic, possibly I just have different wants and desires at different times.  It might possibly go back to the first place I worked in Washington.  It was the largest massage clinic in the county, 16 therapists, so we were always trading with each other.  Possibly it dates to massage school, 22 students were in my class and it was massage school, we massaged A LOT. Even though we sat through the same massage theory lecture, our individual interpretation was different and each massage therapist had an unique touch.Rarely do I find a massage therapist that covers all of my issues with the same passion, knowledge, and ability.  I might see someone that really helps my neck, or low back, or I love their scalp massage.  Another massage therapist may have an awesome technique to deal with my tight, left hamstring that gives me grief.  Or yet someone else that can do reflexology on my feet and give me the pick-me-up that I needed.  I may even love the energy of another massage therapist and they give me a full body connection and wonderful “ahhhh factor”.Don’t misunderstand and think that the massage therapist that does my neck doesn’t do a great job on the rest of me.  I just have different desires at different times.  Some days, my need is simply a two hour block of time to get a massage and who can get me in.I also realize that I am not a “one size fits all, all the time” massage therapist, and I don’t want to be.  If I can’t get you in, seek another therapist.  If I’m not addressing your needs, I would prefer you see someone that does!  I may work your neck and scalp nicely, but Tina, LMT down the street really gets into your legs.  (I do have a few great people that work in my office, read more about them here.)I believe there are about 70 different massage modalities.  My primary specialty is myofascial therapy, there may be a different modality you respond to more.  You aren’t cheating on me.  I don’t own you.  (I know you will miss me and eventually be back.)Recently, I discovered Joe, at the Golden Touch Massage in the Panama City Mall, down the wing by the World Market…  I love his foot reflexology service.  Joe also does acupressure,  massage by the minute, and full body massage.  Bonus: He takes walk-ins.