In Which She Fails

Note: this was written last weekend.Some days, before I wake up, I have already failed.  Today was one of those days.As a general rule, I don’t do early morning appointments.  I am not a morning person.  I simply don’t do early.  Being around chipper people in the a.m. makes me want to punch them, or trip them as they walk by with too much bounce in their step, ‘cause, you know, mornings are so great.  These feelings pretty much contradict the whole balance and peace lifestyle and business I’ve built.  Then I try to compare myself to those that embrace the early morning with a gusto that I simply can’t muster and I feel like a failure.  I recognize this, so I just simply try to not be in the situation.  It’s not good for me or anybody around me.Inevitably I come across someone that needs an early morning standing appointment.  I think to myself: “I can do this. It’s just two mornings a month.”  I usually give a warning to the client that I am not much of a morning person.  They say they understand.Then a morning like today happens.  I wake up to the phone ringing, and it’s my client.  Swear words and emotions take over my thoughts.  It’s so unprofessional!  I can’t believe I just did this.  I didn’t hear ANY of my alarms.  Feck, Feck, Feck… (Many thanks to Dawn Barclay for the new vocab word.)Yes, I’m human.   It’s absolutely unprofessional.  It’s embarrassing and inexcusable.  The real problem is that I went against a boundary I have set for myself to avoid this situation.This client will never know that I wasn’t out living it up at the Mardi Gras celebrations last night.  (I kind of wish I was, at least then I would feel like I had an excuse. A poor one, but an excuse.)  She will never understand that I set three separate alarms last night to “make sure” I woke up on time.  Or that I couldn’t fall asleep because I was so paranoid about waking up on time.  The last time I looked at the clock was just after 2am.I simply failed.My conversation with my client had many apologies.  I hope she is forgiving.  I will be upgrading her to a 90 minute massage on her next visit because I wasted her time this morning.  It also led to a conversation that we will be moving the appointment time to 9am in the future.  I hate being a flake and at any time before 9am, that’s what I am.For a late morning, afternoon, or evening appointment schedule online!Post #12 of 20 in the February Challenge, check it out!