The Headache Treatment

It’s hard to say specifically WHAT this treatment is like, simply because there are so many types of headaches.   The specific treatment will vary depending on the type of headache and your symptoms.Here are some questions your therapist may ask:~ Are you currently having a headache?~ Is this treatment for headache prevention?~ How often do you get headaches?~ Do you know what any triggers of your headaches are?~ Have you been diagnosed with a type of headache? (Such as sinus, migraine, cluster, or tension?)Here is a breakdown of what our treatment goals and therapy may look like with the 3 most common types of headaches.The Sinus Headache: Caused by inflammation or congestion of the sinus cavities.  Sometimes an infection may be associated with the headache.  If you shake your head from side to side, do you feel any pain?  Do you have a fever?  (Massage is not recommended when you have a fever.)Goals of the massage: Reduce inflammation, promote drainage of the sinuses, decrease pain, and increase ability to breathe clearly.Tricks to accomplish this:  massage applied to the neck and face possibly using aromatherapy, manual lymphatic drainage, cold stones, cold compress, cranial sacral therapy, or pressure pointsThe Tension Headache:  Tightening or tension that is bilateral.  Usually a constant-dull or vise-like pain that is not throbbing or pulsating.Goals of the massage:  Reduce tension, remove any tender points that may be contributing to the headache, reduce pain, increase range of motion (ROM) and decrease the sympathetic nervous system from firing.Tricks to accomplish this: massage applied to the neck, shoulders, scalp and temples, with use of aromatherapy, myofascial therapy, hot stones, deep pressure, or diaphragmatic breathing.The Migraine Headache:  usually on one side of the head, with pressure behind an eye.  May also be photo-sensitive or nauseated.  Pain can be throbbing and intense.  There are many signs and symptoms, diagnosis from a doctor is recommended.Goals of the massage:  increase relaxation, decrease pain; between attacks decrease the sympathetic nervous system from firing, treat hypertonicities and tender points, myofascial tension.Tricks to accomplish this: During a migraine, cold hydro therapy, hand and foot massage, aromatherapy.  In between attacks, hot hydrotherapy, myofascial therapy, cranial sacral therapy and aromatherapy.The Headache Treatment is offered at both the Panama City and Tyndall Air Force Base locations!  If you are a chronic sufferer of headaches, this may be the treatment for you to ease your symptoms and prevent future headaches!  Schedule your headache treatment online!(The use of notes from massage school were used in writing this blog, we used Clinical Massage Therapy by Rattray and Ludwig in our courses.)Post #9 of 20 in the February Challenge, check it out!