Is she as good as you?

Several therapists work at Balance and Peace.  Sometimes, I may not be able to get you in at a time that is convenient for you.  I will always offer you an appointment with someone that does have that time open.  More often than not, the offer leads to the question: “Is she as good as you?”Hmmm… I simply don’t know.I like them.  Their clients like them.  I don't get any complaints about them.  I'm sure they are different.   I'm not sure if different equals bad or good.  I never know how to answer the question!~ Massage is about perception.  I’m not sure what your body or mind perceives as “good” during your massage with me.~ I will never know what my massage FEELS like.  Even if I could experience my own massage see the above, massage is about perception.~ I can sit in a class with 20 massage therapists, all exposed to the exact same material on performing a massage technique and I guarantee you that if you were to get a massage by all 20 of us, each massage would be different.  There may be some things that feel similar, but they will be different massages.  I may interpret the information in a way that works for me only.  I will then take that information and translate it into touch, but the translations may come out differently.~ Every massage therapist has their own strengths and weaknesses.  While we may be trying to accomplish the same goal, we may use our own strengths to accomplish it in slightly different ways.  Our achievements may be the same; our journey to get there will be different.~ Our bodies are made up of energy.  We are just a fleshy bag of protons, neutrons, and electrons.  Without trying to be metaphysical, you may just prefer someone’s presence and energy over another.Massage therapists that are not talented, passionate, and educated don’t join the team at Balance and Peace.   If you want to give another therapist a try, feel free.  If you would prefer to wait, we can get you worked into the schedule.  Who knows, you may end up enjoying the new therapist more!  That’s GREAT.  Only you know what is best for you and your body.Post #18 of 20 in the February Challenge, check it out!