No Fabio Here Please

I’m not a fan of ego.  It’s honestly one of the most effective Rianne repellants in existence.  I’m respectful where respect is due, but I’m not impressed by EGO.  Why do you ask that I’m bringing this up?  Well, I recently learned that maybe first impressions are incorrect or people can change, and I’m really glad I took the chance!Several years ago, there was a small massage conference in Panama City.  Between the convenience and no transportation or lodging costs, I was all over it.  Around that time I had been introduced to Thai Massage, and I loved some of the techniques used.  During the conference I took two full day classes that were offered by two different Thai Massage instructors.  One instructor was down to earth, and had a great class.  The instructor the second day, was very full of himself.  He had long, flowing, silver hair, maybe an older Fabio, if Fabio gave up his beefcake look and went for a yogi, vegan image.  It was a long day for me, I was in a cranky mood, barely making it through the day.During that day out in the vendor area was another instructor I came across, and while he was on the opposite end of the massage modality spectrum, less universal energy and more clinical assessment,  his personality seemed very similar to Fabio silver.  His technique intrigued me, but my attitude that day made me roll my eyes and walk on.  I have always been curious about this technique though.  Four and a half years later, I’m sitting in Daytona taking a class from the instructor I thought was an ego maniac.I think the experience will make me a better therapist!What’s the class you ask? It’s Orthopedic Massage.  It’s a modality that works in the pain free zone. I love this concept.  I hate that people believe there must be pain in order for the massage to be effective.  When your brain perceives pain, it’s a negative response.  If your massage is causing pain, your brain will protect your body and the massage will no longer be as effective!This class was also about taking the best parts of the best techniques like Myofascial Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching, Passive Fascia Restoration, and Pin and Stretching and integrating them into one, super awesome body treatment.  This is exactly the way I think about massage.  I have always thought that continuing education classes add tools to my repertoire.  Why would I insist on using a hammer to complete a job, when I know I have a saw, hammer, drill, and level available to use?  Every tool I have has a purpose and is good for something, but not everything all the time!I can’t wait to show you this new technique.  I’m also thankful that I grew enough to put my first impression aside and be open to this instructor.  I can’t wait to go to his lower body class next month and I’m working on a way for his 5-day intensive course in August.