Seeing Clearly ~ Feeling Great

I’m always shocked when I replace my windshield wipers and realize how clearly I can see things.  Apparently, I put such tasks off so long that I just don’t realize how bad I let things go.  I’m usually out of town when I decide to purchase new wipers because I just can’t see anything.  (I think the unfamiliar roads draws attention to the sad excuses of wiper blades that I have on my car.)  Every time I put on new blades though, I am amazed at the difference.This led me to think about massage.  (I never claimed my thoughts were linear.)  I have the same feelings when I finally get a massage.1.  I lay there realizing what a mess I am.2. I’m always amazed at how much better I feel when I am done.3.  I’m excited at being able to move without pain or restrictions.And I think, this is what I should feel like all the time!I know I can see things more clearly with proper windshield wiper blades, and they need to be replaced as part of my typical vehicle maintenance.   We have very specific routines to maintain our vehicles.  I don’t skimp on the oil changes or tune ups, but I always overlook the blades.So, why don’t we have stricter maintenance routines to maintain our bodies?   I know that I perform better, move easier and have an all-around improved attitude when I’m taking care of my body.  Often, I leave my massage feeling like I can take on the world!Don’t let your massage be my wiper blades.  Remember all aspects of healthful living are important for a balanced lifestyle!What are your must-have body maintenances and what do you let slip through the cracks?