Sharing the Love Early

I’m full of gratitude for my clients.  They make me giddy.  I get excited knowing who is on my schedule for the day and when I don’t see my regular clients at their regular time, I miss them.  Usually something just feels off that week and then I realize "Mrs. Smith" didn’t come in.I’m thankful I have clients that just get me.  They can come in and crack a joke.  Today there was much giggling over whether or not the sheets were right side up.  There was even a bit of mimicking Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, “These aren’t my sheets.  My sheets are from Walmart…”  (You probably had to be there.)They also don’t expect me to be perfect.  I’m a klutz; I may knock over aromatherapy bottles, drop a stone or two on the floor, or just go into one of my sneezing fits.  My regulars also know to wait until I’m done sneezing to say “bless you”.  They get that I don’t know how to sugar coat things, I keep things real.  (I also don’t judge them.)  My clients also realize that I cause electronics to act erratically; the clock that speeds up, the “skipping cd” that is actually my IPod, or my croaking stone warmer.  No there is not a frog in the treatment room, I promise.  But that regardless of these quirks, they will still get one awesome massage.All of my clients are different and I love it.  They may be the chief house elf, dancer, runner, paper-pushing desk jockey, or the fitness guru.  I love that these people have invited me into their lives.  They let me help them and make their appointment with me a part of their wellness care.I am secretly pleased when a client comes in and says something like “I’ve missed you so much, my back is hurting.”  I don’t get pleasure out of their pain, but in the knowing that they see the value in their massage and their body ached for it.I always try to check-in with my clients before their massage.  For some, the laughter and joke cracking is limited to this time.  Once on the table, there is silence.  For others, the massage gets their creative juices flowing and the wise cracks don’t seem to stop.  It’s quite the effort to breathe and refocus on what I was doing.  It works for them.My clients share their lives with me, and I think that is part of their healing.  The mind and body connection has many forms.Their love for their massage validates my choice to make massage therapy my profession.  My clients and my job give me a warm fuzzy that’s hard to describe.  It’s wonderful to do something that gives me so much pleasure, and I get paid for it.For every client that has crossed my path:  THANK YOU.  You have taught me about the body and mind.  Maybe a life lesson or two have been thrown in there as well.  You have helped me grow.  You give me pleasure in my life knowing I may have helped you.  Without you, I would not have a career, no direction, and no fulfillment in my life.Post #8 of 20 in the February Challenge, check it out!