Stick to Your Comfort. 


The standard draping policy is: Undress to the level of your comfort. It’s some generic statement that I think was taught in massage school. I can’t quite remember the moment that I was taught it, what does stand out was a particular experience I had with a fellow student in massage school.

Rewind back to the first day of my massage school. It had the obligatory introductions and classroom rules speech. The changing areas were pointed out to us and then the instructor calmly announced: You must undress completely for every class exchange. This is part of your education and you cannot expect clients to do something you are not willing to do yourself.

The next thing we did was pair up and we were taught how to properly drape a client with a sheet. It was a bit awkward, while I had racked up many first days of class experiences none of them had ever required undressing. I ended up with a young girl that had just graduated from high school, and she was so uncomfortable that her limbs were rigid from the fear and stress of being naked under a sheet. I couldn’t move her limbs freely, and if she felt exposed in any way her limb would snap back to secure the sheet as tightly as possible. It was probably the worst experience I had in massage school for both of us. I never wanted a client to feel the way that girl felt that day. Because of that experience I want to make sure everyone is comfortable on my table. I think that’s why I personally like the statement, undress to the level of YOUR comfort.

I had a client once tell me that while he was comfortable being nude for his massage, his wife was not comfortable with that at all. For him, he had to undress to the level of his wife’s comfort.

It wasn’t a problem.

Feel free to bring shorts and a tank top. I’ve massaged over shirts, bras, boxers, briefs, tank tops, etc. Adjustments need to be made, but we can make it work. Don’t think that you must do something to accommodate your therapist that causes you more stress than is necessary. It’s not worth it. Be comfortable and happy and I can make it work. No biggie. Balance and Peace has a draping policy. In a nutshell, you will be draped. The drape may be your own clothes or a sheet, but you will be covered.

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