Four. More. Words. 


I trust you too. In the most basic way, getting a massage is an interesting concept.
  1. You choose a therapist.
  2. Go to their office most of the time; sometimes you invite them into your space.  
  3. They ask a few questions that are sometimes quite personal. 
  4. Most of the time, you are then asked to undress for the treatment.  (Your massage therapist should be stepping out of the room at this point.)
  5. The massage therapist then re-enters the room and puts their hands on your body.  

When you break it down that way, it can really seem odd.  I get that.  While I love that clients place their trust in me for their massage treatment, read about that here, I also place a lot of trust in my clients. You are not a creeper. At Balance and Peace, you are invited into our space.  We have tried very hard to create an inviting and comfortable place that provides solace.  This is a sanctuary that we created to work in and share with you.  When you come in, we are trusting that you will act appropriately.There is a fine line with your massage therapist.  I get that you want to establish a relationship and get to know more about this person placing their hands on you.  Making comments about happy endings or asking what type of person we date is just weird.  It violates that trust.Add: touching your genitals, exposing yourself, and talking about things sexual in nature to that list.  By the way, if this type of behavior happens, your session will be ended immediately and payment for the full service is due.Our clients are awesome though.  It’s very rare for this to be an issue. Be honest on the intake.  Don’t assume what is important for your massage therapist to know.  We are counting on you to answer the questions we ask honestly.  It helps us determine the best course of treatment for you.  We don’t want to do anything that can cause harm!  It’s also important that we are aware of anything that may cause us harm.  Let me know if you are sick or anything that may be transferred to us.  (An example of this would be the use of testosterone cream.)If you have been in before and something has recently come up or if you have had an accident, please let us know.  It may affect your treatment.Other communication.We are trusting that if something hurts, you will speak up.Massage is all about helping you and your body.  If something is uncomfortable, please let us know ASAP.

  • Is the table warmer getting too warm?  
  • Are the stones are a little too hot?
  • Is the pressure a little too much?  
  • Is the cream is making you itch?  
  • Is this position you are in causing discomfort?

Reading minds is not my superpower.  I don’t even think I would want it if I could have it.  Communication is important in your treatment.  It never hurts to speak up.  It could hurt if you don’t. Payment.As a small business owner, accepting checks can be worrisome.  We are trusting that your payment will be honored when we accept your check. Showing up.When you schedule an appointment, we are blocking off time from our day just for you.  We are also blocking off time from our schedule that we can’t make money.  It is important that you show up or give us adequate notice to fill that time that someone else may have wanted.  We trusting that you will show up.  It also shows respect for us, and we appreciate that too!Trust is a very important aspect of your treatment and we reciprocate!