Stop and Smell the Rosemary

I love being massage therapist, and really believe it’s one of those things that I was just “meant” to do.  It took me a long time to realize loving what you do makes “working” a pleasure.  Being able to laugh at work, that’s priceless!  It’s been almost 9 years and I’m still as thrilled today about what I do as I was when I started.  I. love. my. clients.  The right people always seem to find my massage table.  Every once in a while a wrong person will enter, but they are just a speed bump in my life.  (A little annoying to slow down for, but you get over them quickly and can keep on going!)I’ve often mentioned that I should start keeping a diary of the funny comments I hear in my room during a treatment.  So for this week I thought that I would share the following tidbits and just hope they provide the smile or giggle for you as they have for me!“Smells like I fell into the bush”“I found Helga, she’s got big veins in her hands!”  (a description of yours truly to a Doctor, given that endorsement I'll be expecting the referrals to POUR in!)“Your halo is glowing”  (In reference to me)Enjoy your Friday the 13th and have a wonderful, healthful and hopefully dry weekend!