What's in a Name?

People often wonder why I chose "Balance and Peace" as the name of my business.  Most keep the question to themselves, then somehow a reference in conversation is made to it and I hear "I've always wondered..."  The simple answer is because I wanted my listing phone book listing to be higher than the "R's".  (Remember those books we would pull out to look up a business?)  But like most things in my life, it's just not that simple.  So here is my best explanation:"Balance" -  There are some very simple definitions: "noun. 1. a state of equilibrium or equipoise. " or "verb. 3. to be equal or proportionate to."  It's at the core of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the balance of Yin and Yang in the body is a healthy state.  In art balance is sought after to create a more aesthetically pleasing masterpiece.In your body, your muscles would not and do not function properly without an antagonist.  From my perspective, keeping your body in balance is one of my main goals which then leads to attaining your goal: reducing pain, increasing your flexibility or range of motion, etc.We also need a balance of the emotional/physical/spiritual aspects in our life.  Or balance between our professional/personal lives."Peace" -  Our bodies are constantly battling for a state of homeostatis (noun: the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, esp. as maintained by physiological processes)  Stress interferes with our ability to attain homeostatis.  The opposite of stress, from my perspective, is Peace.Providing a tool to attain balance and peace,  whether it's for your physical, mental or emotional well-being is what I ultimately hope to accomplish.