The Sports Massage

Are you training for an event?Do you participate in a competitive sport?Are you a runner?Do you workout often, pushing your body to the limits?Would you like to improve your performance in a sport?Do you cycle?Adding a sports massage to your training routine can not only help prevent injury, it can help improve your performance and help your body keep up with the strenuous demands of training.  Similar to the headache treatment, it’s difficult to describe exactly what your treatment will be like because it depends on the sport and demands it places on your body.  It may also depend on whether the massage is a pre-event massage or post-event massage.What sport or athletic event are you participating in?It’s important for your massage therapist to understand what muscles are used in this sport and how it may create imbalances and dysfunction in your body.  Understanding the demands helps us to correct and eliminate imbalance and dysfunction, which in turn will help prevent injury and maintain your body.A tennis player puts much more stress on their elbows, wrists, and shoulders than a marathon runner does.   A tennis player also uses their legs in a much different way than a runner would.  Competitive swimmers use and perfect their body for swimming in a different manner than a cyclist does to compete in the tour de France.Pre event – This is not the time to work out any of the kinks in your body and cause additional inflammation in your body.  Consider this massage an extreme warm-up for your event.  This massage is more stimulating in nature and helps prepare your body for your event.  It is best to have a pre-event massage a couple of days before your competition.Post event – This massage is intended to aid in the recovery process after your competition.  Studies are showing that hormone levels are influenced and the inflammation process may be limited.  Decreasing your recovery time!  It seems best to get your massage as soon as possible after your sports event for the best results.If you are skeptical about the effects of massage and sports performance, here are some great articles that offer further insight:Deep Tissue Massages Help 'Noles Prepare and RecoverDoes Massage Work? The Rabbits KnowThe Lowdown on Rubdowns: Massage Therapy for Swimmers Works on Multiple LevelsCycling Tips: When to Get a MassageAre you ready to see what a Sports Massage can do for you?  Schedule one now online! Post #15 of 20 in the February Challenge, check it out!