When Different IS Good

I’m an outstanding massage therapist.  I’ve been described as amazing, great, and wonderful, or even an attitude adjuster.  That doesn’t mean I’m better than every other massage therapist in Panama City!I’m confident.  I’m skilled.  I’m very well educated.  I’m passionate.  I know my shiz-nit.I think these are all very important qualities in a massage therapist.I don’t believe any of these things makes me the BEST.I don’t believe this means I provide the GREATEST. MASSAGE. EVER.In most cases, I provide a different way of approaching things.  I may be different simply because I was educated on the west coast.  I’m a problem solver.  I’m looking to address your goal.  I may zone out during your massage because I’m thinking about what your body is telling me.  I’m thinking about what muscles are playing a role in your problem.  I’m thinking about what needs to be done to help those muscles.  What actions do they perform?  What muscles are their antagonists, because muscles work as a pair.Do you prefer your massage to be for relaxation and mental health?  Great, I can do that.  Are you having a pesky pain in your neck?  Let me know.  I can address that as well.  Maybe you are facing a decision about having surgery on your shoulder, hip, or knee.  Give me a chance to help you.  Instead of making massage the “alternative” therapy, make surgery the alternative!I’m also very aware of my limitations.  Are you in to Cranial Sacral Therapy?  I don’t know much about it.  I know people that love it.  I know therapists that have a passion for it.   You should probably check out another therapist.Is trigger point therapy your favorite type of massage?  I’m not the therapist for you.  While what I specialize in affects trigger points, I don’t have the attention span for traditional trigger point work.  Myofascial Therapy and Orthopedic Massage are great ways of dealing with trigger points and eliminating them, but they are not “Trigger Point Therapy”.Do you love Reiki? Not my thing, but I know a therapist you may like.I also don’t think that I know everything.  I’m a perpetual student and maybe even a little geeky.  This year I’ve signed up for over 60 hours of "live" continuing education.  (And I’m thinking about another 40 hours.)  The State of Florida only requires 24 for me to renew my license this year.  Overkill, I know.  But the classes just seem so interesting!I’m different.  I like being different.  You will benefit from the difference.Post #16 of 20 in the February Challenge, check it out!