Times to Speak Up

It’s your appointment, your time, your money.If there is something that your massage therapist can adjust to make the most out of your session, please let us know!Most important:  If you are ever feeling sick, light-headed, or like "something is off", tell us immediately!  Together we can assess whether this is the best time to get a massage for you or if something can be changed to relieve the feeling.Are you cold?  We can adjust the setting on the table warmer or add a blanket.Is the music in the room grating on your nerves?  We can replace it with something that is more soothing and relaxing for you.  Or feel free to bring your own music next time!Are you hot?  We will turn down the table warmer, remove the blanket, or expose your feet to cool you off.  (We will not completely remove the sheet if you are undressed.)   We’d be more than happy to turn on the fan though.Am I using too much pressure or causing you pain?  Speak up!  You should be an active participant in your massage treatment!  I am not a mind reader, so communication is important.  Please use words. Sighs, whimpers, and groans are vague and mean different things coming from different people.Am I talking too much?  Tell me (politely) to hush!  I try to follow you in the conversation and not lead it.  Some days, people are chattier than others, I try to match that.  Sometimes, I fail.  Let me know.Are you lying in a position that is getting uncomfortable?  We may be able to make adjustments, but we don’t know if you don’t tell us.Are we working in an area that is getting a little too personal?  Definitely speak up, the sooner the better.  Personally, if I am going to be working someplace that may feel invasive; I will tell you before I go there and why.   (An example of this may be working your pectoral muscles.)   If you are uncomfortable with it, we can weigh your goals for the treatment vs. your comfort level of the treatment.Do you hate a particular area to be worked on?  Some people really dislike foot massage, or scalp massage, tell us.  Don’t just go with it, while you secretly are waiting for me to just move on.  Keep in mind, if you are having a goal oriented massage, there may be a specific reason I need to work that area.   I’ll tell you why.  But ultimately it’s your choice.Need some extra time on your feet or scalp?  Let me know.  I’d be happy to spend some extra time where you need it the most.  Try to speak up before the end of the massage; I could be timing things thinking I worked your scalp long enough and run out of time.With all that said, don’t be “that” kind of person that wants to micro-manage EVERY aspect of your massage or be rude.  It will backfire.  You’ll be irritated, or worse, you will have an irritated person massaging you!  (An example of this would be when NOTHING is satisfying you.)  If I felt you were being rude or too demanding, I would end the massage to prevent a poor massage experience.If your problem is with something outside of our control, we will let you know.  It may be something we can correct for next time.  Be understanding and let it go!  Breathe.  Don’t let a distraction ruin your massage.  Focus on the positive and enjoy your appointment.