Too Much Stress Makes Me a Ditz

I’m not immune to stress.  Sad but true.  I do have many outlets for dealing with it.  Quilting.  Exercise.   Reading.  Cooking.  This year, I even started a small container garden.  The garden has been a wonderful transition from work mode to home mode.   I’m a massage junkie and do some other self-care at least 3 times a month.There are times though, that I just can’t outrun life.  No matter how many lists I make, boundaries I set, or time management skills I use, life cannot be planned.This past month is one of those times.  What I know about myself, is this:I breakdown mentally more quickly than I do physically.  When I recognize those signs, if I don’t take care of myself I am on the expressway to a full physical meltdown.  What signs do I look for?Forgetfullness.  Simple tasks escape me.  Forgetting to take out the garbage, mail that important letter on time, or getting that information to a friend that she requested.Ditziness.  This is probably the most embarrassing of them all.  Friends try to make a play on words, or joke with me and I just don’t get it.  I become very slow on the uptake.Sleep disturbances.  I will start having issues falling asleep.  Usually because I just can’t turn my mind off.  When I do fall asleep, it is not for long periods of time.  Sleep is needed to rejuvenate and restore ourselves.  This is not good for my mind or my body.When I don’t pay attention to these signs, they can quickly evolve into physical symptoms in my body.My body does not like to be ignored.  When it is, I develop aches, pains, headaches, and eventually a full blown illness.  I try to prevent this of course by getting a massage!  Today, it was a foot massage.What are your signs when stress is getting out of hand?  What is your breaking point before you do something about it?  #2 of 31ish in the August blogging challenge.