Missed Flights, Hams, and Myths

I seem to always fly by the seat of her pants in some fashion or another.  Even when plans are organized and thought out there is always some type of failure in the execution.  For the most part I try to stay positive.  I don’t want to manifest the crazy and chaos in my life.  I don’t *expect* it, but I’m certainly not shocked by it either.  I usually try to create my own personal soundtrack and go with it.Today was no exception.  I’ve discussed not being a morning personbefore so why I thought I could make a flight at 5:25am I have no idea.  I discussed just staying up all night with my friend, and she thought it would be better to grab some sleep.  “You can get almost 4 hours” she says.  “You feel better in the morning” she says.  I set two separate alarms, and laid there for at least an hour stressed out over waking up.  At 5:55am, I was knocking on her bedroom door… “Have you ever missed a flight before?”I have never done this.  I know people do it all the time.  I have friends that do it all the time.  I know there is a fairly easy fix; I just wasn’t quite sure what it was.Which leads to a lesson in customer service.Someone can be as sweet and pleasant as humanly possible, but if they give me crappy information, I don’t feel like the service was stellar!  I called the airline, the representative that answered told me that I would have to keep calling back to get on another flight.  I could only make the change 3 hours before each flight, so I would have to just keep calling.  Now I’m not the seasoned pro at missing flights.  I have a discussion with my friend and she lets me know that doesn’t sound correct.  I should have been able to have my flight re-ticketed.    After some additional discussion, I do call back and get a ticket on a flight that leaves in about an hour and a half.  (I’m at least 30 minutes from the airport, still need to finish packing my goodies and dress… Today my internal theme song was Indiana Jones and I made it!) Now that I’m actually on my flight, I’m a little perturbed at my first conversation.Bad information = Bad service.I hate to say it, but massage therapists are FULL of bad information, for various reasons and in various ways.   Have you heard the one about “drink water to flush toxins after a massage”?  That’s false.  Or maybe this one: “a woman in her first trimester can’t get a massage.”   There’s no reason for that.I’m not exactly sure why this happens.  I’m sure therapists were told this information by someone they had high regards for in the field.  Hams in my family always had the ends cut off before they were baked.  (You know those log shaped, formed hams?  They were a staple in my family.  I think I was 10 before I knew a ham had a bone.)  I asked my mother and was told “your grandmother always did it.”  I then asked my grandmother and she said, “I don’t know.  My mother always did it.”  Finally, I asked my great-grandmother.  She told me that the ham never fit in the pan.  I was really disappointed in the answer.What does all of this mean?  At Balance and Peace, we attempt to stay informed on the latest findings about massage studies and the body.  We aren’t going to sell you on false information.  We are going to give you the best information that we have available to us at the time.(I have personally had to change what I tell clients.  I’m not afraid to say, I was giving you wrong information, but here’s the new information from NEW studies…)Random side note:  Don't travel with me when Mercury is in retrograde.  Just sayin'.#1 of 31ish in the August Blogging Challenge.