We May Not Be Good for You.


Not every body is going to like us.  We don't mind.Balance and Peace is an inviting and open massage office.  While we are not necessarily discerning or exclusive, we may not be the massage office for every person.  Here are some descriptions of clients that are not our ideal customer. The last minute Massage Seeker. As in: "Can I get a massage in 30 minutes?"  At this time, we don’t have a receptionist.  It can be very difficult for us to accommodate the last minute massage seeker.  The massage therapists here are all independent and are not required to sit at the office waiting for someone to walk in the door.  In the future, this may change.  For now, please plan your massage a little ahead of time. The Massage Healer Seeker.  Our therapists are all very qualified to help you with your massage needs.  Not a single one of us claims to be a healer.  We are only a tool in the health and wellness plan for your life. The Special Occasion Seeker.While we thoroughly enjoy providing massages for special occasions, our ideal client is not someone that just comes in for their birthday or anniversary.  Our ideal client is someone that values massage as part of a routine for their life.  They may come in 4 times a year, or once a week.  However they have decided massage is a part of their life, it is not just for special occasions. The Happy Ending Seeker.  If you are looking for a sex worker, Balance and Peace is not that place.  Enough said. The Energy Tweaking Seeker. If you feel that your energy is blocked somewhere in your body, you aren’t going to find quite what you are looking for at Balance and Peace with any of our current therapists.  We may hire someone in the future that will meet your needs, or one of the therapists may seek out that type of modality.  At this time, we just don’t have someone that will give you quite what you are looking for.

No judgments are intended to those specific massage seekers, we just want to be clear and upfront about what we offer!  We provide an awesome massage experience and help people maintain their health and wellness.If you think that you would be a good fit for the therapists at Balance and Peace, please schedule your appointment NOW.  You can do that online, anytime!#15 in the 31 in August Blogging Challenge.  (more or less)