Girls Night Out - A Successful Evening

Last night, Dawn and I were at the Girls Night Out event Tyndall put on.  I think a great time was had by all. 

Fun times.

Free stuff.

And awesome foot massages!

For everyone that stopped by Balance and Peace, thank you for the visit.  We enjoyed talking with you and can’t wait to see you in the office! 

Here are some instructions for your “gift” of the body glow and butter. 
  1. Use the scrub first; it is grittier looking than the body butter.  You can use on hands or feet.  Lightly massage and rinse off.  
  2. Dry yourself off and apply the body butter. 
  3. Enjoy your smooth and moisturized body. 

The body scrub is a great way to make your next massage a little extra awesome!

Don’t forget the GNO Exclusive Offer.  Enter password: GNO13 to purchase.  This offer ends tomorrow night! 

A special thanks to Karalee and Vanessa for putting on and hosting such a fabulous event!  

#17 in the 31 in August blogging challenge.