What to Expect From Your Experience


While our clinic does not offer the experience of a high-end spa, we strive to create a client-focused experience that addresses the particular needs of our individual clients to restore function and balance in their life.  When you leave Balance and Peace Massage Therapy, we want you to be a better version of yourself with less pain, tension, and stress.   Our office is result-focused, but we do give you an experience to remember.Our attention is on your needs and we want to address your goals in a clean, timely, and welcoming environment.   We want your experience to be easy, affordable, and all about you.~ Time is valuable.  We respect your time and expect that you value ours.  In most situations, we maintain a timely schedule.  We will do everything possible to start and end your session on time.  Doing so, we are able to provide you with a full hands-on service for the time you are paying for.  Example: if you schedule an hour massage and show up on time, expect an hour of hands on service!~ Before every session, we check in with you.  We will ask you what your needs are that day.  Please communicate with us about what is bringing you in.  Your massage will be modified to address your specific needs that day.~ Communication.  During your session and at the end, we will let you know if there were any other issues that may need to be addressed.  During your treatment, feel free to speak up if there is something you don’t like.  Adjustments can be made.~ We don’t try to hard sell you on add-on treatments.  Our integrated massage may include a hot-stone finish, aromatherapy, or any other specialty treatment we feel can be used to accomplish your specific goals.  We don’t expect you to pay for every little thing.  We set a price, and it is what it is.~ We offer convenient online scheduling 24 / 7.  If you think about wanting a massage in the middle of the night, don’t worry about forgetting to call the next day.  Simply go online, take a look at our schedule and choose the time that works for you!  The system is easy and mobile friendly as well.  Take it for a spin, it’s awesome!