Thank you for looking at Balance and Peace Massage as one of your many massage options.  We are truly passionate about massage and love our job.  It has been a pleasure to create a comforting and serene refuge in the middle of Panama City, especially after Hurricane Michael.  We don't just rub your back, we establish a relationship with you, so together we can work on your health goals.

You were looking for massage, so you probably know that massage has some wonderful benefits that creates a better way of living for your and your loved ones.  If you are not sure about the many benefits of massage therapy, check out some of the benefits here. Massage, like choosing to eat healthfully and exercising, is a lifestyle choice you make for a higher quality of life.

You should expect to fill out a quick intake form at the beginning of your first appointment. Your therapist will then go over your health history with you and discuss what your goals are for the day's treatment. After your massage, your therapist will then discuss a plan to meet your long term needs. Massage works best when it is a regular part of your life. Although the best thing we can suggest is to listen to your body to define what your "regular" will be.  Read more about that here.

If you would like to know more about our massage therapists, we have each written a bit about ourselves. Each therapist brings their own personality and experience to the massage table.

While our massages are good, they are not identical. Please feel free to find the therapist that meets your needs, personality, and schedule best. No hard feelings if you want to try someone else! We simply want you to have the best massage experience possible! If you are ready to take the next step and schedule your appointment, you don't have to worry about playing phone tag, or waiting until business hours! Schedule your appointment online right now! It's simple, private, and you will even receive an email to remind you of your appointment.