Massage Therapists Need Massage Too


I’ve admitted to being a massage hussy. I’ve also mentioned I prefer using small businesses over large corporations. (Read why I think supporting small business is important.)

I have plenty of access to great massage therapists at our office. However, sometimes, it’s nice to not go to “work” to get a massage. When I’m in this kind of mood, I try to look for a local, small business to patronize. Once in a great while, when I try something new, it backfires.

A few weeks ago I tried a new place in town. Their website was pretty, they offered 60 minute services, and they had an opening on short notice. I had an unexpected hour that I wanted to make great use of. I was so excited to get in for a massage. I was having some nagging neck and shoulder pain and it was also my first real massage in four months. The place was cute and kitschy. It smelled nice. There were a lot of great retail products. (If my experience had been positive, I’d refer people there for some great gifts.) Unfortunately, I left the place disappointed and upset. It was honestly the worst massage experience I’ve ever had.

  1. My expectations were not met.

  2. The owner was beyond ugly to me.

  3. I left feeling like my business was unwelcome.

  4. I felt like I was overcharged.

Based on the advertising on the website and the conversation I had with the owner while scheduling the appointment, I expected a 60 minute massage. Instead I received a 45 minute massage. I arrived a few minutes early to fill out my paperwork, and was then left sitting in the reception area for about 10 minutes. Once in the room, the therapist took almost 5 minutes to customize oil for the massage. Any delay in the start of my massage was not my fault.

After the massage, I was brought back up to the desk and asked how the massage was by the owner. When I expressed that I was disappointed because I received a 45 minute massage and not a 60 minute massage, the owner at first wanted to argue with me and then offered to send me back for my “extra 5 minutes”. Apparently this business runs on the 50 minute massage hour, but it’s not how they advertise. The owner let me know that she can advertise her business how she wants. (She certainly may.) Unfortunately, her “solution” to the issue sucked.

  1. There was no apology.

  2. Why would I want a person that I just made a complaint about touch me again? That’s awkward and not relaxing.

The owner proceeded to tell me that she knew who I was and accused me of coming into her business to cause a problem. (I’m not that calculating. I was just in pain.) Even if the massage, what I got of it, had been the best massage ever, the experience in checking out was so toxic that I just wasted my time and money. (But I was still charged full price and they were advertising $10 off on Facebook.)

Everyone who wants or needs a massage is welcome at Balance and Peace. We don’t care who you are or if you’re a massage therapist. In fact, we know being a massage therapist is hard work, and we want to be part of your self-care so you can be successful! My philosophy is the more people that get GREAT massages, the more people they’ll tell how great massage is. There are plenty of bodies in this town. This particular business has a completely different business model than Balance and Peace, and would have been a great place to refer someone looking for their type of thing to. There's no way I'll be making any referrals now and that's unfortunate.If you’re a massage therapist, book your appointment. Give us your business card and receive $10 off your appointment. Schedule online, or call our office at 850.381.9474.